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Small Shelter Systems

Super Structures Worldwide and Camp Facilities offers high quality and innovative shelters systems for many uses. Our shelters are used in some of the harshest environments around the world ranging from the high arctic in Far East Russia to the dry heat in Northern Mexico. We offer hundreds of sizes ranging from 8 to 30 feet wide with dozens of options to choose from to help fit your exact requirements.

Our shelters and camps are used commercially as well as recreationally and by a diverse group of customers ranging from the mining and drilling industry, oil and gas companies, state and federal agencies, construction companies and guide and outfitters to name just a few.

Key Features

• Designed for Arctic and Desert Conditions
• 8 to 30 Feet Widths
• Camps From 20 to 5,000 People
• Minimum Tool Requirements
• Extremely Durable and Portable
• Designed for High Winds & Heavy Snow Loads
• Arctic Grade Vinyl
• Meets Strict Fire Marshall Codes
• Parts Are Color Coded for Easy Assembly
• Low Cube and Lightweight for Transport
• High Resale Value

Standard Uses

• Kitchen and Dining Facilities
• Toilet and Shower Facilities
• Recreation Facilities
• Medical Facilities
• Field Office / Administration
• Laundry Facilities
• Portable Water Storage
• Core and Cutting Shacks
• Individual Sleepers
• Dormitory Sleepers
• Warehouses


• Power Generation and Distribution
• Water Filtration, Storage, and Distribution
• Portable Sewage Treatment Plants
• Lighting and Electrical Packages
• Heating and HVAC Packages
• Panelized Wood Floor Systems
• Portable Insulation Packages
• Various Door Options
• Multiple Fabric Colors to Choose From
• Multiple Anchoring Packages
• Skylight Panels
• Window and Zipper Vents with Insect Netting and Rainfly's
• Arctic Entries and Connection Walkways

Small Shelters Photo Gallery

24x50 Field Shelter-Yukon Territories Kitchen and Dining Room 30 Person Exploration Camp-Greenland 250 Person Exploration Camp-Kamchatka, Russia 8 Person Sleeper Shelter 14x60 Shelters-Alaska Commercial Bathroom 16x40 Insulated Shelter with Porch 24x60-West Africa 100 Person Camp-Russian Arctic Commercial Camp-Far East Russia 14x28 Dormitory Shelters-Northern Mexico 24x60 Insulated Shelters-Arctic Commercial Shower Insulated Shelter with Bunkbeds jquery lightbox for textby v6.1

Large Structures

Our structures are engineered and designed with the concept of being easy to erect and portable without compromising the structural integrity of the building. With this concept we have provided structures all over the world in some of the harshest and remote regions where challenges were at their best. With hundreds of sizes and options to choose our customers can make choices as to what fits their requirements in the most cost effective way. We can also offer custom designs if one of our standard sizes doesn't fit the exact requirement needed.

With over 21 years of experience our project team and partners can help design a project from the ground up or provide recommendations that best fit your project needs. With 3 factory locations we are well positioned to service any part of the world regarding shipping ports and final project destination points.

Key Features

• Sizes Range 30 - 200 Feet Wide
• Modular In Design for Easy Expansion
• Free Span Design
• Meets UBC and IBC Codes
• Meets Stringent Fire Codes
• Ease of Assembly with Minimum Tools and Equipment
• Low Cube Transport
• Relocatable
• Durable and Long Life Span
• Multiple Profiles to Choose From


• Heating and HVAC Packages
• Lighting and Electrical Packages
• Various Overhead Door Packages
• Sky Light Panels
• Insulation Packages
• Multiple Colors to Choose From
• Personnel Door Systems with Panic Hardware Options
• Translucent Vinyl Options

Photo Gallery

100' wide by 175' Insulated Warehouse 32'x100' Insulated maintenance Shop-Greenland Ice Cap 90x250 Commercial Warehouse-Alberta, Canada 72x110 Warehouse 30x40  Emergency Vehicle Structure 42'x80' Maintenance Structure- Alaska 80x150 Warehouse- Alberta, Canada 40x100- Container Cover 60x150-Mining Processing Plant Structure-Alaska 80x110-Steam Inject Facility-Alberta, Canada jquery lightbox for textby v6.1
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